Sustainable policies and commitment to the fight against climate change have placed the city of València among the 100 European cities by the European Commission. These cities must achieve climate neutrality by 2030. To reinforce this objective, the City Council of Valencia has launched the Climate Mission, which is included in the Urban Strategy 2030. València is also eligible for the European Green Capital 2024 award. 


This fixation with the capitals as nuclei to mitigate climate change is given because they account for 65% of energy consumption worldwide. It is therefore essential to transform their structure and operation in order to reduce greenhouse gases. It should be noted that with the Climate Mission, the City Council, the Generalitat Valenciana and the Government of Spain signed the so-called climate contracts. These are a series of comprehensive measures that will place Valencia at the forefront of innovation and investment policies aimed at achieving climate neutrality. 

More information in the article of the Levante newspaper.