Last Wednesday, November 18, the National Distance Education University (UNED) had the collaboration of Aurora Pedro Bueno, director at the University of Valencia of the Interuniversity Chair of New Green Transition, for the radio program of Economics, Business and Tourism. The program was broadcast on Radio 3 (RNE) on Thursday, November 26 and was published on and on YouTube Radio UNED.

The program was titled Tourism and covid-19: the hour of tourism policy. The interview was based on the current situation in the tourism sector, which, without a doubt, is one of the most affected by the pandemic. They spoke of the specificity of the Tourism Policy within public policies and of how to orient tourism policy to promote a recovery in tourism. In addition, they analyzed the response of the national and regional government to this situation, dealing with the Plan for the Promotion of the Tourism Sector approved by the Government in June and the Sustainable Tourism Strategy of Spain 2030, the probable trigger for a new tourism plan at the national level.

Regardless of the problems caused by the pandemic, the interview also addressed the main problems of the sector, such as seasonality, unsustainability, etc., introducing suggestions for tourism policy to design a Spanish tourism model in the medium and long term. Aurora also spoke about urban planning and housing policy, paying special attention to the proliferation and the socioeconomic impact of housing for tourist use in the main Spanish cities in the last decade.

Finally, Pedro made a presentation of the interuniversity project of the New Green Transition Chair, relating its objectives and its activity to the hot topics in the interview, since the Chair at the UV is focused on the transition to a greener model, more sustainable in the tourism sector.