Tomorrow, March 5th, International Energy Efficiency Day is celebrated, and on this occasion, the team of the Chair at the UMH have the pleasure of presenting the #UMHComparteCar initiative, a mobile app, integrated in turn into the UMH app, which puts people who live nearby to travel together on the trips to/from the University.

The app works for users without commissions or charges, having to set the cost of travel per kilometer. In addition, its use is encouraged with the possibility of winning fuel vouchers of up to €20.

According to the data collected in the diagnostic report of the UMH Sustainable Mobility Plan, the estimated impact of this initiative is the reduction of journeys of about 180 motorized vehicles per day and 16,600 journeys per year, helping to achieve savings of emissions of 228,000 kg of CO2 per year and share fuel costs that can produce savings of up to 400,000 €.

We hope that this initiative will be of interest and that together we will contribute to sustainable mobility and, therefore, care for the environment.