The team of the Chair of New Green Transition at the University of Valencia co-organizes the conference The UE climate policy, decarbonization and circular economy: opportunities for the tourism sector, on October 6. It will be held at the Department of Applied Economics of the University of Valencia and will feature a total of 5 conferences, from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm. 

The Faculty of Economics and the Department of Applied Economics of the University of Valencia, as well as Política Econòmica i Economia Pública (*PEEP) also participate in the organization.

The director of the Chair at the University of Valencia, Aurora Pedro, will act as moderator. The first lecture, The UE climate policy, will be given by Emilio Padilla Rosa, from the University of Barcelona. After a break, at 11:30 a.m. the conference will resume with the lecture Environmental policy and sustainable tourism by Antonio Sánchez Andrés, from the University of Valencia. 

We will continue with Política mediambiental de la UE i economía circular: oportunitats per el sector turístic, by Arturo Crosby, director of Fórum Natura. Afterwards, we will listen to Economía Circular. Espai urbà i turisme, by José Mª Marugan Garcimartín from the University of Valencia. Finally, we will finish with Situació de l’Economía Circular en Turisme, by Inés Carreres Soliva, from the University of Valencia. 

If you are interested in how Europe faces the environmental challenges to be more sustainable and how it transforms its economy into a greener and circular one, we are waiting for you.