The Joint Monitoring Committee of the Interuniversity Chair of New Green Transition at the University of Valencia approved its action plan for the year 2021. On 11 May, promoted by the Second Vice-Presidency and the Department of Housing and Architecture Bioclimatics of the Generalitat Valenciana, the Chair has the participation of the 5 Valencian public universities and was born with the main objective of developing research, teaching and dissemination activities on public strategies and policies in the field of fair ecological transition and the fight against change. climate change, within the framework of the concept of sustainable habitat.

The UV Chair will carry out various activities in order to raise awareness and disseminate central aspects in the process of green transition in tourism, especially among students. Along these lines, the awards have also been approved for TFGs and TFMs that deal with the process of paradigm transformation in tourism. International cooperation will also occupy a prominent place in the activities of the Chair at the UV, both for specific actions in cooperation projects in the field of sustainability and green tourism and in the proposal to create a Network of Universities to promote the green transition research. The proposal made by the Management of the Chair at the University of Valencia to organize some type of seminar or conference annually with the 5 public universities that make up the Chair was also approved. The aim of these conferences will be the exchange of experiences of each of the universities participating in the Chair as well as the positioning of proposals related to the objectives of the Chair.

Adoración Guamán, Director General of Institutional Coordination of the Generalitat Valenciana, among others, took part in today’s meeting; Pedro Fresco, Director General of Ecological Transition of the Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition; María Dolores Real, Vice-Rector for Innovation and Transfer at the University of Valencia, Aurora Pedro, Director of the Chair at the University of Valencia, José Miguel Soriano as a member appointed by the Vice-Rectorate, as well as Amparo Latonda, Head of Coordination Service Institutional and Analysis of the Second Vice-Presidency and the Department of Housing and Bioclimatic Architecture.