The Chair of the New Green Transition will take part in the webinar on the Urban Agenda and Sustainable Tourism: Challenges and Perspectives by 2030, organized by Daleph in collaboration with Pla de Mallorca. The event will take place on Tuesday, January 30th, at 4:30 PM via the Zoom application, and prior registration (free of charge) is required.


The event will feature the participation of Aurora Pedro Bueno, Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Valencia and Director of the Chair of the New Green Transition in Tourism. Bueno will be responsible for the presentation and facilitation of the webinar.


Also present will be Beatriz Martín Rodríguez, serving as a Senior Consultant for Sustainable Tourism at Daleph. Joining the panel will be Josep Rodríguez, Head of International Relations at the Technical Tourism Office of the Barcelona Provincial Council and Coordinator of the Euro-MED Community for Sustainable Tourism. Leire Bilbao, Manager of Visit Benidorm; Joan Cifre, Manager of the Pla de Mallorca Consortium (PSTD Pla de Mallorca 2021); and Juanjo Manrique, Manager of the Rural Development Group of Guadix, will also be in attendance.


During the webinar, discussions will revolve around how cities face various challenges in promoting and developing tourism that, in addition to being intelligent, considers all dimensions of sustainability, encompassing economic, environmental, cultural, and social aspects. They must address factors such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and mobility issues, aligning with the guidelines outlined in the Agenda 2030 and adopting a tourism governance model.