The Great Survey is an initiative of the chairs of the Polytechnic University of Valencia that make up the Alliance of 12 UPV Chairs for Sustainability, among which is the team of the Interuniversity Chair of the New Green Transition. The Vice-Rectorate for Sustainable Development of the Campuses collaborates with this initiative in the framework of the UPV Living Lab towards carbon neutrality. UPV Living Lab is a laboratory on campus created with the purpose of accelerating the path towards carbon neutrality of the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the city.

A living lab is a real test bed and experimentation environment where the university community, users and producers can co-create, explore, experiment and evaluate innovations. Its goal is open innovation through iterative processes that are aimed at creating sustainable impact. A living lab focuses on co-creation, rapid prototyping, testing and scaling solutions, acting as an intermediary between citizens, academia, companies and the Public Administration.

UPV Living Lab will allow the implementation of innovative projects and test beds (sandbox) at the Vera campus that will be replicable in the neighborhoods of Valencia. It will be the seed for the development of strategic projects together with the city of Valencia in terms of innovation and research.

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