The Joint Monitoring Commission of the Interuniversity Chair of New Green Transition at the Jaume I University met virtually on December 23 to close the work of the 2021 year at the UJI. Promoted by the Second Vice-Presidency and the Department of Housing and Bioclimatic Architecture of the Generalitat Valenciana, the Chair has the participation of the 5 Valencian public universities and was created with the main objective of developing research, teaching and dissemination activities on strategies and policies on fair ecological transition and the fight against climate change, within the framework of the concept of sustainable habitat.

The meeting was attended by Pedro Fresco, general director of Ecological Transition of the Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition of the Generalitat Valenciana; Juan González, chief secretary of the General Directorate; Modesto Fabra, vice-rector for Planning, Coordination and Communication of the UJI and Eva Camacho, director of the Chair at the UJI, as well as David Beltrán (UJI Sponsorship and Patronage Program).

Camacho explained that the meeting approved the report on activities for 2021, which brings together the intense activity carried out during the year at the Jaume I University. In this sense, a call for video game awards for the ecological transition was carried out and the team of the Chair at the UJI has actively participated in the XVI Congress of the Spanish Association for Energy Economics (AEEE), in addition to taking part in a debate on how to improve equality in science, within the framework of the Mediterranean Researchers’ Night 2021 (Mednight). On the other hand, in the field of research, a scientific report on behavioral economics has been produced and a scientific article has been published on the incentives of companies to adopt cleaner production technologies in an environment of emissions into the atmosphere. On the other hand, during the meeting the action plan foreseen for 2022 was also discussed.