Green transition: the tool to fight depopulation in Aras de los Olmos

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The Valencian municipality of Aras de los Olmos is fighting against depopulation with a firm commitment to green transition and digitalisation. A clear example is the ambitious goal they have set themselves: to become the first town to be supplied with its own electricity, which will be generated from renewable sources. It will come from small photovoltaic, wind, hydro and biogas power plants.    The [...]

The new Valencian law on Climate Change and Ecological Transition sets the decarbonization objectives

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The Generalitat Valenciana has approved the Law 6/2022 of December 5 on Climate Change and Ecological Transition of the Valencian Community, which sets the roadmap to achieve a fairer and more sustainable society, economy and environment. The objective is to combat the current challenges, but also the future ones, of the climate emergency.    To achieve this, the law is based on the decarbonization of [...]

The Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge launches a platform to achieve climate neutrality in Spanish cities

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The Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO) is launching an innovation and collaboration platform to serve Spanish cities that aspire to be climate neutral by 2030. Among these cities we find Valencia, which is working to comply with the Climate Mission in 2030 together with Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valladolid, Vitoria-Gasteiz and Zaragoza.    In addition, this assistance is extended to the City [...]

The Regional Government promotes the ‘Valencian Biogas Route’.

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The Conselleria d'Agricultura, Desenvolupament Rural, Emergència Climàtica i Transició Ecològica has recently presented the Valencian Biogas Route. The aim is to create a new industrial sector that promotes sustainability, while generating about 6000 jobs. Therefore, this initiative will have a beneficial impact on two levels: economic and environmental.    It is estimated that the Valencia Biogas Route will reduce the overall emissions of the Valencian [...]

The team of the Chair at the University of Valencia co-organizes the conference ‘The UE climate policy, decarbonization and circular economy: opportunities for the tourism sector’.

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The team of the Chair of New Green Transition at the University of Valencia co-organizes the conference The UE climate policy, decarbonization and circular economy: opportunities for the tourism sector, on October 6. It will be held at the Department of Applied Economics of the University of Valencia and will feature a total of 5 conferences, from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm.  The Faculty of [...]

Training for sustainable entrepreneurship

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The Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge has recently published a series of free services with the aim of training in sustainable entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurs who benefit from these services (more than 1000) will be able to learn about ecological restoration and green infrastructure, among others.    To be eligible for this initiative, it is necessary to have a company created in [...]

The Chair at the UV visits the Albufera of Valencia with students of the Tourism degree

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The Chair of New Green Transition at the Universitat de València has visited the past 6th of may the Albufera of Valencia, together with the Information Service and Promotion of Students of the UV (SEDE-UV) and students of the Tourism degree of the Faculty of Economics. The aim of the visit was to learn more about the situation of the lake, as well as to [...]

The new business management can only be understood with sustainability

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Last March 30th, a conference on sustainability was held at the Hotel Arenas Balneario Resort Valencia, organized by the Valencia Plaza newspaper and sponsored by CaixaBank, with the collaboration of Grupo Gimeno.    The banks fundamental role in the change through financing and investment in sustainable projects was one of the main topics, as well as the risk of climate change and the direct impact [...]

The Valencian Community, one of the regions of Spain with the least generation of non-renewable energies

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The Valencian Community only generated 19% of its energy from renewable sources in 2021. This figure shows that renewable energies must be urgently promoted as opposed to the more traditional ones, especially if we take into account that the Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant is scheduled to close in less than 10 years. In fact, this plant represents more than 40% of the energy generated each [...]

Volkswagen’s battery gigafactory in Sagunto, in line with the green transition in the Valencia Region

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The Volkswagen Group has recently announced that it will install its new battery plant in Sagunto, a news that has been applauded by different Valencian politicians and state representatives. This is the case of the vice-president Mónica Oltra, who has assured that these are "very good news". She emphasized that when we talk about batteries, we talk about "ecological transition" and therefore it is a [...]

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