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Women’s rural and green entrepreneurship in Spain, a benchmark in Europe

2023-05-04T14:24:40+00:004 de May de 2023|Categories: Diffusion|Tags: , |

Spain is one of the leading countries in Europe in rural and green female entrepreneurship. This was announced by the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO) during a conference held on 10 March to mark International Women's Day.    The report analysed green entrepreneurship, rural entrepreneurship and the intersection between the two with national statistics, also taking into account data by autonomous [...]

The transition to green jobs in business

2023-04-04T15:03:47+00:004 de April de 2023|Categories: Diffusion|Tags: , |

Green employment is another of the challenges facing companies if they want to be truly sustainable. Forética, a leading Spanish business organisation in sustainability, has launched the third edition of the ‘Jobs 2030' project, together with ManpowerGroup and the collaboration of the ONCE Foundation and PRISA.    The aim of this initiative is to address the challenges of the just transition to green jobs, both [...]

Get to know Hémera, the Digital School for the Energy Transition

2023-03-23T16:19:11+00:0023 de March de 2023|Categories: Diffusion|Tags: |

The Spanish Federation of Popular Universities (FEUP) and Redeia (Red Eléctrica Group) have created Hémera, the Digital School for the Energy Transition. It is a free centre that empowers citizens with knowledge and technologies on the new energy model and places them in the spotlight. It is also a tool to raise awareness among the population about the need for this transition, the opportunities it [...]

Spain and Denmark, allies to accelerate the green transition in Europe

2023-03-09T08:44:39+00:009 de March de 2023|Categories: Diffusion|Tags: , |

Last week, the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, and the Danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, signed a collaboration in favor of the green transition. A memorandum of understanding was signed between the two countries highlighting the importance of combating the energy crisis and climate change. Both countries have initiatives to address both situations.   They committed to promote regulatory frameworks that support renewable hydrogen, accelerate [...]

The Generalitat gives the green light to 61 projects that will allow more than half of the energy produced to be green

2023-02-01T13:07:57+00:001 de February de 2023|Categories: Diffusion|Tags: , |

The Generalitat Valenciana has issued a favorable environmental assessment for a total of 61 projects. When completed and operational, they will allow more than half of the energy generated in the Valencian Community to be from renewable sources. In total, the investment will amount to 859 million euros and 1,356 megawatts will be produced.   The president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has emphasized that [...]

The Association of Textile Entrepreneurs of the Valencian Community leads a European project to strengthen the green and digital transition in the sector.

2023-01-26T12:22:26+00:0026 de January de 2023|Categories: Diffusion|Tags: , |

The employers' association Ateval, the Association of Textile Entrepreneurs of the Valencian Community, is leading the European project In Transit. It involves textile, aerospace and construction SMEs in the green and digital transition across Europe, with a total budget of 5 million euros.    The strategy of this initiative is based on four key pillars. The first is underpinned by a series of joint services [...]

Green Transition comes to Valencian hospitals

2022-12-15T10:35:19+00:0015 de December de 2022|Categories: Diffusion|Tags: |

The Conselleria de Sanidad Universal y Salud Pública has designed a pilot project to start with the green transition in the health sector. This will allow, among other things, to reduce the CO2 footprint of Valencian hospitals. In fact, last November 24 a forum was held in Valencia with eleven hospitals that will join this pilot program. These hospitals already have their CO₂ footprint calculated [...]

Green hydrogen and biomass key to facilitating Europe’s energy transition

2022-09-22T10:09:18+00:0022 de September de 2022|Categories: Diffusion|Tags: , |

In the current context, Europe not only demands green energies, but also less dependence on other countries. That is why two technologies, green hydrogen and biomass, are emerging as protagonists in this paradigm shift, accompanied by solar and wind energy.    Bio-Flex-Gen is a European project related to a heat and electricity co-production plant. It seeks to meet two requirements: on the one hand, to [...]

Spain’s energy model, one of the most advanced in Europe in terms of sustainability

2022-08-18T08:50:53+00:0022 de August de 2022|Categories: Diffusion|Tags: , |

Spain ranks seventh in the European energy sector. This is according to the consultancy firm Oliver Wyman with its new Green Transition Index, a system with which they have measured the evolution in terms of energy transition of 29 territories in our continent. In each case, the use of transition technologies in each country, the respect of transport for the environment, the sustainability of buildings [...]

Green Transition, a source of benefits for almost all jobs

2022-08-05T10:54:07+00:005 de August de 2022|Categories: Diffusion|Tags: , |

"The Green Transition will bring employment benefits in almost all sectors," says Stelina Chatzichristou, an analyst in the Vocational Training and Skills Department. So say Stelina Chatzichristou, analyst in the Vocational Training and Skills Department, and Cynthia M. Harrison, CareersNet coordinator at Cedefop. These benefits, they explain, would be implemented through compliance with the European Green Deal (EGD). The EGD would lead to an increase [...]

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