The Chair collaborates with the Universitat de València to offer the new Diploma on ecological and nature law.

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The Chair of New Green Transition collaborates with the University-Entreprise Foundation of the University of Valencia in the form of scholarships for the realization of a diploma this 2022/2023. It is a specialized training on ecological and nature law that aims to help in the fight against climate change, as well as improve environmental sustainability.   The postgraduate course is taught online. The current edition [...]

The team of the Chair at the UV makes a report on the tourist tax to the Generalitat

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The director of the team of the Chair of New Green Transition at the University of Valencia, Aurora Pedro, has prepared a report on the tourist tax. This is a tax that is paid per night of stay in the territory in question, from which children or minors under a certain age are exempt most of the time.   This system has already been implemented [...]

The Valencian Community, one of the regions of Spain with the least generation of non-renewable energies

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The Valencian Community only generated 19% of its energy from renewable sources in 2021. This figure shows that renewable energies must be urgently promoted as opposed to the more traditional ones, especially if we take into account that the Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant is scheduled to close in less than 10 years. In fact, this plant represents more than 40% of the energy generated each [...]

Volkswagen’s battery gigafactory in Sagunto, in line with the green transition in the Valencia Region

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The Volkswagen Group has recently announced that it will install its new battery plant in Sagunto, a news that has been applauded by different Valencian politicians and state representatives. This is the case of the vice-president Mónica Oltra, who has assured that these are "very good news". She emphasized that when we talk about batteries, we talk about "ecological transition" and therefore it is a [...]

València, possible European Green Capital in 2024

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The city of Valencia will opt for the European Green Capital Award (EGCA) after obtaining the support of almost the entire Municipal Corporation. This award recognizes and rewards the efforts of European cities to care for the environment, and thus improve the economy and quality of life of its inhabitants.    According to the Mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, this award is in line with [...]

The ‘Valencian Climate Change Agency’ is almost a reality

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This monday the Delegate Commission of Ecological Transition and Environmental Sustainability of the Council met, made up of representatives of all the Ministries of the Valencian Government. The meeting has given the green light to the final procedures to make the Valencian Climate Change Agency a reality, a tool that will allow us to respond to the current climate emergency situation.    This Agency is [...]

Green transition only possible without global energy inequality

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  On the occasion of the 6th EU-African Union Summit to be held in February, the Africa-Europe Foundation, a network of African and European political leaders and civil society personalities, has already organised virtual meetings in advance. One of the topics discussed has been the great energy inequality between the two continents.   The African continent, despite representing in 2019 around 17% of the world's [...]

Discrepancies on the consideration of clean energies in the EU

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There is a debate in Europe about which energies can be considered green and which cannot. The European Commission proposed by the end of 2021 that both green energy and gas should be labelled green. The conflict arises from the different positions of the EU countries, which are quite diverse.   For example, Germany opposes green labelling for nuclear energy, but accepts it for natural [...]

Tourism, pandemics and climate change. Conflicts and challenges’. The Chair’s course has analysed the challenges of tourism

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The Valencia University team of the Inter-University Chair of New Green Transition organised and celebrated the course Tourism, pandemics and climate change. Conflicts and challenges this 16 July. Aurora Pedro, Director of the Chair at the UV, took part in the course.    The subject that was discussed is of great interest especially at the present time, as the pandemic has undoubtedly affected the tourism [...]

The Chair participates in the plenary session of the XVI Congress of the Spanish Association for the Energy Economy

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The Interuniversity Chair of New Green Transition participated in a plenary session of the XVI Congress of the Spanish Association for Energy Economics, which was attended by prestigious international speakers on June 29 and 30.   The event dealt with topics such as the analysis of new energy policies, as well as a new economic and technological framework to achieve an international consensus that allows [...]

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