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The plenary of the Valencian Parliament approves the Valencian Climate Change and Ecological Transition Law

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On November 24, the plenary of the Valencian Parliament approved the Law of Climate Change and Ecological Transition. The laws indicate three new green taxes that will not take effect until 2025. In addition, greenhouse gas emissions in industry, polluting cars and large surfaces will be taxed.    The aim of these guidelines is also to reduce diffuse emissions by at least 40% in order [...]

Next week, join the Chair’s course ‘Design and System Thinking Tools for the Green Transition’

2022-06-09T07:28:05+00:009 de June de 2022|Categories: UPV|Tags: , |

The Chair of New Green Transition at the Universitat Politècnica de València celebrates next week the course Design and System Thinking Tools for the ecological transition. This initiative will allow participants (master's or doctoral students with an interest in the ecological transition) to learn how to apply the concepts of ecological transition and just transition to university training and research, through the Design Thinking methodology. [...]

The Chair collaborates with the Universitat de València to offer the new Diploma on ecological and nature law.

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The Chair of New Green Transition collaborates with the University-Entreprise Foundation of the University of Valencia in the form of scholarships for the realization of a diploma this 2022/2023. It is a specialized training on ecological and nature law that aims to help in the fight against climate change, as well as improve environmental sustainability.   The postgraduate course is taught online. The current edition [...]

Discrepancies on the consideration of clean energies in the EU

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There is a debate in Europe about which energies can be considered green and which cannot. The European Commission proposed by the end of 2021 that both green energy and gas should be labelled green. The conflict arises from the different positions of the EU countries, which are quite diverse.   For example, Germany opposes green labelling for nuclear energy, but accepts it for natural [...]

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