Leaders of the Spanish industry strongly advocate for their green transition plans, recognizing the “historic opportunity” to turn Spain into an industrial power. They emphasize the importance of transitioning to more sustainable practices to achieve the European goal of climate neutrality by 2050, while also creating high-quality jobs. Despite successes in renewable energy generation, private sector companies underline the need to reduce bureaucracy to expedite the implementation of their ambitious green transition plans, which aim for decarbonization and profitability simultaneously.


At the Spain Investors Day, Maarten Wetselaar, CEO of Cepsa, emphasizes that the main obstacle is not a lack of money or vision but the need to quickly address issues related to permits, network connections, and alignment with customers. On the other hand, Luis Gallego, CEO of IAG, acknowledges that decarbonization in the aviation industry won’t be cheap and notes that flights will become more expensive. However, he is confident in implementing management changes to offset additional costs and highlights the importance of working in collaboration with governments.


In addition, Manuel de la Rocha, Secretary of State and Director of the Office of Economic Affairs and G20, underscores the importance of public-private collaboration to achieve the ambitious goals agreed upon by the Twenty-Seven.

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