The promotion of policies aimed at the achievement of a house and its sustainable urban environment within the framework of the ecological transition must be approached from the different productive sectors in order to focus on reconstruction and economic-labor policies and influence the transversality of the commitments towards sustainable development. It is necessary to face the serious and urgent problems of global warming and climate change, working on the ecological transition and environmental sustainability, and on the promotion of the main economic sectors of the Valencian Community and Spain by integrating the so-called “green policies”. Tourism is placed in the first place among the fundamental sectors for the development of the Valencian productive and labor model with particular impact on the habitat, and that, in the reconstruction scenario, the proposal is to advance in the reflection and analysis of the situation and the management of the impacts that the tourist activity has on the Valencian habitat, both urban and rural, as well as the approach to development policies for the sector from an eco-sustainable approach.

Specifically, it corresponds to the UV, through the Chair of New Green Transition, to carry out the following activities:

1. Carry out, in the first place, an activity of reflection, analysis and dissemination of knowledge to society in matters of tourism, habitat and ecological transition, in the terms indicated above.

2. Facilitate, in addition, various activities, such as seminars, workshops, conferences, competitions, exhibitions, studies, workshops, courses; training and university extension activities; as well as other cultural activities that may be agreed, related to the subject of the Chair and the Second Vice Presidency and the Department of Housing and Bioclimatic Architecture.

3. Carry out informative work throughout the Valencian territory and through information technology of the activities of the Chair and of the specific topics related to the work of the Chair and the Second Vice-Presidency and the Department of Housing and Bioclimatic Architecture, as well such as the publication of those writings that may be of interest to both.

4. And all the different actions that are agreed to be carried out within the program of activities to be developed approved annually by the Joint Commission.