Constituted on July 14, 2020, the Interuniversity Chair of New Green Transition is the result of the work of the Second Vice-Presidency of the Generalitat Valenciana and of the Housing and Bioclimatic Architecture Department, together with the 5 Valencian public universities: Valencia, Polytechnic of Valencia, Alicante, Jaume I and Miguel Hernández of Elche.

The main objective of the Chair is to develop research, teaching and research activities dissemination of public strategies and policies on fair ecological transition and combating climate change, within the framework of the concept of sustainable habitat. Through the Chair, the aim is to promote the achievement of the right to sustainable housing and urban environment in the framework of the governance of ecological transition. Moreover, another goal is to fight change climate in the Valencian Community.

Participating universities have pledged to carry out one in the first place activity of analysis and critical reflection on the change of constitutional / normative paradigm with gender perspective, as well as the most effective procedures to advance in the achievement of those rights. Everything will be done through seminars, conferences, lectures, competitions, exhibitions, studies, workshops, courses, training and university extension activities, as well as other activities cultural activities linked to the theme of the Chair, and outreach tasks throughout the Valencian Community.