On the occasion of World Tourism Day (September 27), the V Tourism Forum of the University of Valencia took place on September 29. Within this framework, the round table on Sustainability and Green Transition in Tourism was held, in which the New Green Transition Chair at the UV, in charge of managing the tourism sector, was presented. The objective is to work in the coming years on the issues of sustainability and transition towards a greener economy in the field of tourism.

This table was moderated by Aurora Pedro Bueno, director at the UV of the Interuniversity Chair of New Green Transition and professor in the Department of Applied Economics of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia. In addition, it had as a participant Adoración Guamán, general director of Institutional Coordination of the Second Vice Presidency and Professor of the Department of Labor Law and Social Security of the UV; and the members of the Monitoring Commission of the University of Valencia: José Miguel Soriano, professor of the UV Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health; Elena Mut, Teacher of the Department of Social Work and Social Services of the UV, and Tono Sánchez, professor of the Department of Applied Economics of the UV.

As Aurora Pedro well commented, the cause of this multidisciplinary Commission is precisely the transversal nature of the tourist activity, since it affects many other socio-economic activities. Thanks to the different members of the Commission, it is one of the advantages to offer a multidisciplinary approach.

By Adoración Guamán, the Chair allows “to generate synergies between the institutional world, public policies and the academic field. In this way, it is achieved that universities fulfill a social function, which is to nurture institutions, thus putting the University at the service of the public sphere, beyond the functions of teaching and research, but also in the construction of public policies “.