Small actions can make all the difference on the path to a green economy. The ecological transition calls for serious commitments from all of society, from governments to companies, obviously including citizens. And of course, beyond good intentions, concrete actions are needed to make this change a reality.

At this point, the financial sector is one of the actors that can act as engines of change and of a true green transition, through its actions in different areas, always aimed at providing economic viability to projects of all kinds, related to a new economy. Focused on a more sustainable planet. Among others, the examples range from the financing of projects related to renewable energy to reforestation initiatives, through green mortgages (for homes with the best energy ratings) or ‘leasing’ that makes photovoltaic plant projects viable.

There are many opportunities that the present holds in this context for financial institutions willing to go one step further and be at the forefront of the change in mentality that the ecological transition requires. And there are those who have begun to understand the importance of this step and have begun to walk in this direction. In this article from Dirigentes Digital, you will find some stimulating examples.