As part of its activity in 2021, the Interuniversity Chair of New Green Transition organized at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, between June 22 and July 7, the course Design Tools and System Thinking for the Ecological Transition, which introduced the concepts of ecological transition and fair transition and their potential application to university training and research activities using Design and System Thinking methodologies.

The course consisted of a first theoretical part of introduction of concepts and methodological tools that also had the vision on the ecological transition of several actors of institutions of the Valencian Community and of the UPV that provided the round table Transition Ecological in the Valencian Community and in the Polytechnic University of Valencia – Multiactor vision.

The second part of the course focused on the practical application of the Design and System Thinking methodology in collaborative work sessions in small groups.

Finally, the working groups presented their proposals to respond to the challenge initially posed: How could the principles of an ecological transition be incorporated into training and research activities at the university so that it can contribute more effectively? to this transition both locally and globally? Specifically, two proposals for action were raised. One of them with the aim of promoting mutual learning between scientific and non-scientific knowledge, and of favoring the ecological transition in society. The second proposes an action to transfer the principles of the ecological transition to the activities offered to students in the local context.

The team of the Chair at the UPV plans to support students in the development of these proposals beyond the course and accompany them in exploring the feasibility of their implementation at the UPV.