Aurora Pedro, director of the Inter-University Chair of New Green Transition at the University of Valencia, has recently participated in the First Conference on Sustainable Rural Tourism, of the project Turismo Ariadna: El hilo que nos une. It took place in Brihuega, a municipality located in Guadalajara, Castilla-La Mancha.


The conference revolves around the creation of a free space for debate in which to share shared visions on Sustainable Rural Tourism business models. In addition, the aim is to promote the resources of the territory, such as heritage, culture, history, environment and people. The ultimate goal is to generate synergies and sustainable opportunities using technology and collaboration between municipalities to promote rural Spain together. 


Aurora Pedro was invited to discuss this initiative with local stakeholders, together with Mexican experts. Specifically, she did so with her presentation Elements for sustainable tourism development in rural areas in which she reflected on some aspects that condition, nowadays, the success of different rural tourism initiatives. To explain this fact, he also analysed the management of rural tourist destinations as an essential element to understand the lack of success in recent years.

In addition, the programme included interesting talks such as Responsible tourism management: twinning and identity actions, Traditional cuisines in the design of gastronomic products with a human sense and Successful examples of sustainable rural tourism in Europe. The case of aromatic herbs, among others.