The Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge launches a platform to achieve climate neutrality in Spanish cities

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The Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO) is launching an innovation and collaboration platform to serve Spanish cities that aspire to be climate neutral by 2030. Among these cities we find Valencia, which is working to comply with the Climate Mission in 2030 together with Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valladolid, Vitoria-Gasteiz and Zaragoza.    In addition, this assistance is extended to the City [...]

Valencia will be the second European Green Capital in 2024

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The European Commission has announced that Valencia will be European Green Capital in 2024. If so, it would be the second Spanish city, after Vitoria-Gasteiz. This city has previously won the title in 2012 for its push for sustainable policies.    The other city that contended for second place with Valencia was the Italian city of Cagliari, which finally became a finalist. This award consists [...]

València is among the 100 pioneering cities in Europe to achieve climate neutrality

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Sustainable policies and commitment to the fight against climate change have placed the city of València among the 100 European cities by the European Commission. These cities must achieve climate neutrality by 2030. To reinforce this objective, the City Council of Valencia has launched the Climate Mission, which is included in the Urban Strategy 2030. València is also eligible for the European Green Capital 2024 [...]

Digitalization, essential to take care of water in Europe

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The Smart Water Summit, an event on digitalization of the water sector, was held from Monday, September 19 to 23 of September. This 5-day event explores how digitalization in water management is essential for the future of Europe.    Thanks to recent investments by the European Commission with the Next Generation Funds and the European Recovery Plan, the field of study is expanding to achieve [...]

Green hydrogen and biomass key to facilitating Europe’s energy transition

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In the current context, Europe not only demands green energies, but also less dependence on other countries. That is why two technologies, green hydrogen and biomass, are emerging as protagonists in this paradigm shift, accompanied by solar and wind energy.    Bio-Flex-Gen is a European project related to a heat and electricity co-production plant. It seeks to meet two requirements: on the one hand, to [...]

Training for sustainable entrepreneurship

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The Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge has recently published a series of free services with the aim of training in sustainable entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurs who benefit from these services (more than 1000) will be able to learn about ecological restoration and green infrastructure, among others.    To be eligible for this initiative, it is necessary to have a company created in [...]

Spain’s energy model, one of the most advanced in Europe in terms of sustainability

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Spain ranks seventh in the European energy sector. This is according to the consultancy firm Oliver Wyman with its new Green Transition Index, a system with which they have measured the evolution in terms of energy transition of 29 territories in our continent. In each case, the use of transition technologies in each country, the respect of transport for the environment, the sustainability of buildings [...]

Green Transition, a source of benefits for almost all jobs

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"The Green Transition will bring employment benefits in almost all sectors," says Stelina Chatzichristou, an analyst in the Vocational Training and Skills Department. So say Stelina Chatzichristou, analyst in the Vocational Training and Skills Department, and Cynthia M. Harrison, CareersNet coordinator at Cedefop. These benefits, they explain, would be implemented through compliance with the European Green Deal (EGD). The EGD would lead to an increase [...]

Grants to promote climate change adaptation projects

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The Consellería de Agricultura, Desarrollo Rural, Emergencia Climática y Transición Ecológica (Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition) has published grants of more than 1.86 million euros to promote and encourage innovative projects to adapt to climate change. The particularity of these aids is that they are dedicated to municipalities of less than 100,000 inhabitants that are adhered to the European Covenant [...]

Aurora Pedro, director of the Chair at the Universitat de València, in favor of the tourist tax in the Valencian Community in the RTVE

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The director of the Chair of the New Green Transition, Aurora Pedro, has been interviewed on Radio Televisión Española (RTVE) for the report she recently prepared on the tourist tax.   During the interview, she explained how, with the data available from other European countries that have introduced the tax, such as Amsterdam or Dublin, they detected that the attitude of the population and tourists [...]

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