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New impetus for the creation of energy communities

2023-09-29T10:46:25+00:0029 de September de 2023|Categories: Sense categoria|

The Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO), through the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE), has awarded 20 million euros to a total of 79 projects spread over a large part of the national territory for the promotion and dynamization of Energy Communities. The priority and objective of the energy communities is to reduce emissions and increase the participation of renewable [...]

Delaying the green transition will entail high risks and economic costs

2023-09-21T12:41:39+00:0021 de September de 2023|Categories: Sense categoria|

The green transition will weaken the economy and generate more losses for banks if it is not implemented sooner rather than later, warns the European Central Bank (ECB). Although the costs of the transition may be higher initially, they are much lower than the risk of postponing it to the last minute.    Delaying the ecological transition could lead to energy prices like those at [...]

New laws and directives to address the importance of corporate sustainability

2023-09-15T07:42:23+00:0015 de September de 2023|Categories: Sense categoria|

From the institutions of the European Union come new laws and directives on sustainability that will affect companies. With the increased awareness of the importance of corporate sustainability, the UN Global Compact has developed a tool that will help companies and organizations to continue on the path to sustainability and implement the necessary changes.    Among the sustainability laws and directives adopted are sustainability reporting [...]

France intends to establish a minimum fare for airline flights as an environmental solution

2023-09-07T15:01:09+00:007 de September de 2023|Categories: Sense categoria|

The French Minister of Transport, Clement Beaune, is proposing to set a minimum price for airline tickets as an alternative in favor of the environment, as he considers that the price per ticket in air transport does not cover the real cost per passenger in terms of pollution.    This is a proposal that he is launching to his counterparts in the European Union who [...]

The size of the municipality does not affect how its neighbors see climate change

2023-08-25T07:39:49+00:0025 de August de 2023|Categories: Sense categoria|

The climate emergency is considered equally important for people living in municipalities of different sizes, according to the latest study on polarization and attitudes published by the Center for Economic Policy EsadeEcPol. The survey data shows that the size of the municipality where one lives does not have a relevant effect on attitudes and values regarding climate change.   However, divisions emerge when it comes [...]

Europeans think that the consequences of climate change are greater than the investment needed to slow it down

2023-08-08T08:15:16+00:008 de August de 2023|Categories: Sense categoria|

73% of Europeans agree that the cost of the damage caused by climate change is much higher than the investment needed for an ecological transition, according to a Eurobarometer survey. More than half think that the green transition should be quicker in the face of rising energy prices and the availability of gas supply. 84% of Europeans believe that tackling climate change and environmental problems [...]

A new market for the sale and purchase of energy savings, closer to home

2023-07-28T09:24:45+00:0028 de July de 2023|Categories: Sense categoria|

The Ministry for Ecological Transition has approved new measures for the Economic Savings Certificates System that have opened up a market for the sale and purchase of energy savings. This new system authorizes companies subject to an annual energy savings quota to substitute a percentage of their payments to the National Energy Efficiency Fund for certified energy savings, provided they come from making energy efficiency [...]

Watch the videos of the II International Congress on the rights of nature and the fight against climate change again

2023-07-20T08:15:39+00:0020 de July de 2023|Categories: Diffusion, UV|

The team of the Chair of New Green Transition at the University of Valencia, after co-organizing the II International Congress: The Rights of Nature and the Fight against Climate Change in the Mediterranean, has provided a service to view the conference, round tables, etc. in streaming. The website provides videos of the entire congress with information on strategies and policies on just ecological transition or [...]

Aurora Pedro publishes a book to advance the fight against climate change

2023-07-14T08:22:15+00:0014 de July de 2023|Categories: UV|

Aurora Pedro, director of the Chair team at the University of Valencia, has published together with Rubén Martínez Dalmau, the book: Debates and perspectives on the rights of nature. A book that fights against climate change in the Mediterranean, analyzing our behaviors and concepts of the use of nature.   According to the authors, the main challenge we are facing today is the ethical and [...]

Comunitat Valenciana invests in a more sustainable tourism model

2023-07-07T15:10:09+00:007 de July de 2023|Categories: Diffusion|

Turisme Comunitat Valenciana has allocated 59.7 million euros, from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, in actions to respond to the challenges of sustainability, in the organization of the tourism model and in the areas of green transition, digital transition, and the competitiveness of destinations.   The purpose of the aid is to support the transformation of tourist destinations with the aim of increasing [...]

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