Last Friday, November 27, the Camp de Morvedre Economy Forum was held, organized by Levante-EMV in Canet d’en Berenguer, which brought together representatives of politics, the economy and society with the aim of analyzing the future of the tourism and the development of healthy cities from both the public and private sectors.

Among the key aspects that were pointed out during the Forum, to take advantage of the opportunities of the
new model, were digitization, collaboration and differentiation. The meeting was attended by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Fernando Valdés, the ‘number 2’ of Minister Reyes Maroto, who presented the Plan for modernization and competitiveness of the tourism sector based on the transformation of the model, sustainability, digitization and development of the tourism product; the mayor of Canet d’en Berenguer, Pere Antonio Chordà, who presented the keys to the tourism model to be developed and announced the launch of a technological project that
it will gather 150 locations and will allow to know the tourist.

From the Generalitat, Francesc Colomer, regional secretary of Tourism, participated, who detailed the axes of the actions for tourism that have been implemented by the administration and pointed out that “we must be able to excite the visitor” and that “the sector has future. The biggest challenge now is that the productive fabric linked to tourism reaches the next ambush alive ”. Likewise, Natalia Antonino, Councilor for Tourism of the Sagunto City Council, also participated.

As experts in the sector, Aurora Pedro – director at the University of Valencia of the Interuniversity Chair of the New Green Transition, PhD in Economics and consultant for the World Tourism Organization, who highlighted the good prospects for the future of tourism. Also as experts in the sector, participated María Albaicín Tutela, president of the Tourism Commission of the Camp de Morvedre Business Association (Asecam) and Raquel Gómez, spokesperson for the Valencian Association for the Promotion of the Economy of the Common Good.

Finally, Vicky Sevilla, winner of the Young Promise Award of the Valencian Community and finalist of the 2020 Revelation Chef Award, valued Valencian gastronomy and claimed the need to retain national visitors.